Many are concerned that AI will progress to the point where evil robots gain artificial general intelligence and take over the world. This will not happen.

Don’t fear artificial general intelligence
Don’t fear artificial general intelligence
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AI has blasted its way into the public consciousness and our everyday lives. It is powering advances in medicine, weather prediction, factory automation, and self-driving cars. Even golf club manufacturers report that AI is now designing their clubs.

Every day, people interact with AI. Google Translate helps us understand foreign language webpages and talk to Uber drivers in foreign countries. Vendors have built speech recognition into many apps. We use personal assistants like Siri and Alexa daily to help us complete simple tasks. Face recognition apps automatically label our photos. And AI systems are beating expert game players at complex…

In this article in The Gradient, I explain why self-driving cars might actually be less safe than human drivers and how we can test these vehicles to ensure that we don’t turn our roads into a dangerous experiment.

Enjoyed my podcast interview with Steve Sponseller…

This Economist article discusses studies showing that robots and automation create more jobs than they eliminate

Enjoyed my interview with Karen Mueller Bryson on the Curious Professor Podcast…

Enjoyed my discussion with Neil Hughes on his Tech Talks Daily Podcast…

Interesting discussion in NYT by Thomas Edsall of the contribution of automation to inequality. But it reiterates the fear that we will have human-level AI by 2040–2050. As I explain in my book, this fear has no scientific basis: www.AIPerspectives.com/evil-robots

DataTalk Podcast discussion with Experian hosts Destiny White and Mike Delgado…

What strikes me about the just-proposed EU regulations on AI is that there is no mention of self-driving vehicles. Self-driving vehicles are also not included in the list of high-risk applications.

Steve Shwartz

Author of “Evil Robots, Killer Computers, and Other Myths: The Truth About AI and the Future of Humanity” published Feb 9, 2021 by Fast Company Press.

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